A great saint was born on 9th Badhav Shukla, 1551 in Nanakana Sahib in the house of great saint Shri Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. He came to Kashmir at the age of 11 and received education in Vedas and Shastras. In a short period of seven years he wrote commentary on all the four Vedas known as �CHANDRA BHASHAY�. With in a short span of time he became a saint of high order, having attained full spiritual knowledge he revived Udasin Sect. Over the year this Sect has acquired its own distinctive characteristics in the country and more particularly in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The teaching of Jagat Guru Shri Chander Ji are being followed not only by the members of the Sect but even by Hindus in General. At Srinagar a temple has already been built in the memory of the great saint and offerings are made by the believers of the Sect at the temple, which is popularly known as Shri Chander Chinar Temple. Its affairs are managed by a trust known as Shri Chander Chinar Bada Akhara Udasin Trust.

In accordance with the teachings of Jagat Guru Shri Chander Ji Maharaj who believed in spread of education, the member of the Sect resolved to form a Society namely Shri Chander Chinar Bada Akhara Udasin Society to set up a Medical College & Hospital for the benefit of the humanity. Accordingly with the recommendation of the Jammu & Kashmir Government, and approval of Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family welfare on the recommendations of the Medical Council of India, Acharya Shri Chander College of Medical Sciences and Hospital with 507 (Five Hundred Seven) beds has been established at Sidhra, Jammu.

Affiliation & Recognition

Acharya Shri Chander College of Medical Sciences is affiliated to University of Jammu. The University of Jammu was established in the year 1969 on the basis of Kashmir & Jammu Universities Act 1969 passed by the State legislature and after receiving assent of the Government published in the Government Gazette on 10th November 1969. The University is located at Baba Ambedkar Road, Jammu which is 1 � Kms from Jammu Railway Station and about 5 Kms from Jammu Airport.

At present Prof. Varun Sawhney is the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jammu and Prof. G.S. Samyal is the Registrar of the University.

For more information of University of Jammu, please visit the website www.jammuuniversity.in


To demonstrate awareness of and skills required in the Nursing process in the provision of Health Care and Nursing of Patients they will be competent to: –

  1. Assess the Nursing needs of individuals, Families and Communities throughout life, from birth to death.
  2. Take appropriate action to help people retained and sustain their best possible level of Health in all its aspects.
  3. Plan appropriate action through competent safe Nursing Care.
  4. Work with other members of the Health Team and community in promotion of Health, prevention of Illness restoration of Health and rehabilitation.
  5. Evaluate effectiveness of Nursing and Health Care activities.
  6. Apply relevant knowledge from the humanities biological and behavioral sciences in caring out Health Care Nursing activities and functions.
  7. Show sensitivity and skill in Human relationships and communication in her daily work.
  8. Demonstrate skill in the use of problem solving methods in nursing practice.
  9. Gain knowledge of Health resources in the community and the country.
  10. Demonstrate leadership�s skill in working with Health Team, community and others in the provision of Health Care.
  11. Demonstrate awareness of the necessity of belonging to professional organizations.
  12. Demonstrate understanding of and commitment to professional behavior.
  13. Demonstrate ability in self-awareness, self-elevation in personal and professional life.
  14. Promotion of health precautions against illness, restoration of health and rehabilitation.

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