Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Sion has completed 53 years of imparting Medical Education to the students for undergraduate studies and 40 years of giving postgraduate education in various degree, diploma courses of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik including Super speciality degree like D.M. and M.Ch.

The college has been given permanent affiliation by University of Mumbai and is presently affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.

The admission to various postgraduate degrees, diploma courses are given every year.

he total numbers of postgraduate students on roll are 604.

Dr. Jayashree Mondkar – M.D.,.D.C.H. is holding the post of Dean L.T.M.M. College & L.T.M.G.Hospital from 22.08.2017.

Dr. Nirmala Barse is also working as Dy. Dean from 17/10/2005 and Dr.Mahale  is working as I/c Dy. Dean from 1.11.2014.

List of Head of department from 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017 :-

Dr. M. Natarajan              M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Anatomy

Dr. R.R. Deshpande        M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of  Physiology

Dr. Pramod Ingale           M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Biochemistry

Dr. Leena Naik                 M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Pathology

Dr. Sujata Baveja             M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Microbiology

Dr. R.R. Savardekar        M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Forensic Med

Dr. Seema Bansodegokhe   M.D.                              Prof. & Head of Community Medicine

Dr. N.D. Karnik                M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Medicine

Dr. Radha Ghildiyal       M.D.                                     Prof. & Head of Paediatric

Dr. N.B. Shah                  M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Psychiatry

Dr. A.B. Goregaonkar      M.S.                                   Prof. & Head of Orthopaedics

Dr. Mohan Joshi              M.S.                                   Prof. & Head of Gen. Surgery

Dr.R.A.Bradoo                 M.S.                                   Prof. & Head of E.N.T.

Dr. Anila D. Malde           M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Anaesthesia

Dr. Chhaya Shinde          M.S.                                   Prof. & Head of  Ophthalmology

Dr. Anagha Joshi             M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Radiology

Dr. Ratna Dhurat             M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Dermatology

Dr. Sudhir Pawar             M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Pharmacology

Dr. H.L. Dhusia                MDS                                   Prof. & Head of Dentistry

Dr. Pratap J. Nathani       M.D., D.M.                         Prof. & Head of  Cardiology

Dr. Jayant Khandekar      M.S., M.Ch.                       Prof. & Head of CVTS

Dr.Alok Sharma               M.Ch.                                 Prof. of Neuro surgery

Dr. Mukund Jagannathan  M.Ch.                               Prof. & Head of Pl.Surg.

Dr. J.A.Mondkar              M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of Neonatology

Dr. Ajit Sawant                 M.D., M.Ch.                       Prof. & Head of Urology

Dr. Akash Shukla             M.D. / D.M.                                    Prof. & Head of Gastroenterology

Dr. N.T. Awad                  M.D.                                   Prof. & Head of  TB & Chest

Dr. Paras Kothari             M.S.                                  Prof. &  Head of Paed.Surg.

Mrs. Rajashri Naik          M.P.Th.                               Prof. & Head of Physiotherapy

Mrs. Rashmi Yeradkar    M.O.Th.                             Prof. & Head of Occupational Therapy

Admissions:  The admission capacity of students admitted for M.B.B.S. Course at this college is increased from 100 to 150 per year from 2016.  The number of students on roll (including Interns) as on 31.12.2017 was 714.

Students are admitted for B.P.Th. & B.O.Th. Courses with intake capacity of 10 students each course every year.  Students for B.P.M.T. Course are also admitted from 2011.  The intake capacity for B.P.M.T. Course is 20 per year.  These students on roll as on 31.12.2016 are 135

D.M.L.T. Course is conducted at this institution with admission capacity of 10 students.  We also enroll students for M.Sc. course in following subjects:-

M.Sc. (Biochem.) by pps.

M.Sc. (Biochem.) by Research

M.O.Th. (Occupational Therapy)

M.P.Th. (Physiotherapy)

Ph.D. (Biochem.)

INTERNS:    Graduates from University other than Maharashtra University of Health Sciences are allowed to undergo internship training at the attached Hospital after getting permission from the University for the same.

D-Pharma students are given training of 750 hours in Pharmacy to a maximum of six students at a time.  Students from SNDT University and other technical institution are allowed to work for practical training in Dietary deptt.  Necessary charges as per rules are recovered for imparting training as above.

We conduct Competitive examination in the subject of Anatomy, Physiology for I M.B.B.S., Pathology, and Pharmacology for II M.B.B.S. and Medicine, Surgery, Obst. & Gyn., P.S.M. and E.N.T., Dermatology, Psychiatry for III M.B.B.S. students every year.  The winner of the examination is given Merit Certificates and Cash prizes from the interest of the donation received from the Silver Jubilee Fund of the Institution.  A competitive examination in Ophthalmology (only practical exam) for regular batch and casual batch Interns is started from August 1993 and Dr. Sathe Prize in Ophthalmology is given to Intern judged as first.  However, since Sept. 1997 this prize is converted to the student of M.S. (Ophthalmic.).  Cash prizes are given to the students who stood first and second in Competitive examination.

Since November 1982 term Dr. Hemant Kelkar Prize is awarded for the P.G. student who stood first in M.S. (Gen.Surgery) of Mumbai University examination in the regular batch of LTMMC.  It is given from the donation received from relatives in the memory of Late Dr. Hemant Kelkar in 1981.

A separate committee of students manages the students cultural and sports activities.  To defray this expenditure fee of Rs.500/- per annum is being collected from the students and interns.

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