The state Government of Maharashtra has established and incorporated an independent University of the health Sciences for the purposes of ensuring proper and systematic instruction, teaching, training and research in modern medicine and Indian system of medicine in the State of Maharashtra and to have balanced growth in the medical sciences so also in uniformity in various courses in medical faculty in the State, and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

      It was with this objective the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences was established in Nashik city of Maharashtra State on 03rd June 1998 by promulgating the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Act, 1998. Initially, the University was functional at Gangapur Road, Nashik. In 2004 University headquarters shifted to Mhasrul, Dindori Road, Nashik at its own building.

The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) is guided by a strategic agenda providing right direction to the health science education in the State. Its consistency of purpose, its goal and mission will no doubt help health science education and thus health & education services to reach a high level of elevation.

The University shall be both, a teaching and an affiliating University.

As per MUHS Act 1998, u/s 4, objectives of the University are,

a) to carry out its responsibility of creation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge.

b) to promote discipline and the spirit of intellectual inquiry and to dedicate itself as a fearless academic community to the sustained pursuit of excellence.

c) to encourage individuality and diversity within a climate or tolerance and mutual understanding.

d) to promote freedom secularism, equality and social justice as enshrined in the Constitution of India and to be catalyst in socio-economic transformation by promoting basic attitudes and values of essence to national development.

e) to extend the benefits of knowledge and skills for development of individuals and society by associating the University closely with local and regional problems of development.

f) to carry out social responsibility as an informed and objective critic, to identify and cultivate talent, to train the right kind of leadership in all walks of life and to help younger generation to develop right attitudes interests and values.

g) to promote equitable distribution of facilities of Health Sciences education. h) to provide for efficient and responsive administration, scientific management and develop organization of teaching and research.

i) to promote acquisition of knowledge in rapidly developing and changing society and to continually offer opportunities of upgrading knowledge, training; and skills in the context of innovations, research and discovery in all fields of human endeavor by developing educational network related to Health Sciences with use of modern communication media and technologies appropriate for a learning society.

j) to strive to promote competitive merit and excellence as the sole guiding criterion in all academic and other matters relating to students.

k) to impart education and training to achieve the goal of physical, mental spiritual health of every individual.

l) to create better understanding between different systems of medicines through interdisciplinary study and research.

m) to establish and develop Indian Systems or Medicine so as to keep he of a healthy individual and to cure the disease or diseased individual.

3) Mission statement

Dissemination, creation, preservation of knowledge and understanding by teaching, research, extension and service and by effective demonstration and influence of its corporate life on society, in general, with specific objectsas provided in the MUHS Act, 1998.

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