The history of genesis of R.G.Kar Medical College dates back to later half of the Nineteenth Century. Then, our country was under the British rule. The influence of English literature and culture was gradually creeping in to the minds of the young society. This was gradually clearing the superstations prevailing in the society. Simultaneously a great sense of Nationalism was growing among all sections of the population. The public health was in an appalling state in Calcutta and rest of Bengal. The diseased population was at mercy of untrained physicians and quack doctors.

The British Government was making life difficult for the Native Indian doctors. Not only there was salary discrepancy with the British doctors but also they were humiliated in every possible opportunity and even tortured. So multiple factors, like the developing Nationalist movement, discriminating behavior of British Government, the great urge to serve the ailing poor Indians and most importantly the desire to spread medical education among talented young people gave birth to the dream of developing a Non Government Medical Educational Institute. Dr. Radha Gobinda Kar, son of Dr. Durga Das Kar was a lion hearted personality who gave the required push to this dream to make it a reality.

Dr. Kar returned from UK in 1886. He had no wish to serve the torturing, discriminating, racist British Government. The poor health facility provided to the fellow countrymen on one hand and talented educated young nationalistic people on the other forced Dr. Kar to think about developing a Non Govt. medical teaching institute, which will provide Indian doctors to serve their poor countrymen.

It was indeed a great coincident that nine similar minded personalities including Dr. Mahendra Nath Banerjee , Akshoy Kumar Dutta, Bipin Behari Moitra, M.C.De, B.J.Banerjee, Kunda Banerjee joined hands with Dr. R.G. Kar. They held a meeting on 18th October 1886 and resolution was taken to establish a non official medical school of some standard. The first non official medical school under the name “THE CALCUTTA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE” thus established at 161, Baithakkhana Road. In the same year the institute changed its address and moved to 155, Bowbazar Street. In January 1887 it again shifted to 117 Bowbazar Street. In 1887 the name The Calcutta School of Medicine was changed to “THE CALCUTTA MEDICAL SCHOOL” in the month of August. With Government permission dissection of Human body started in 1889-90. In 1898 a plot of land of about 12 bighas was purchased at the cost of Rs. 12,000/ (the present site of the hospital) in Belgachia. Very soon a one storied building came up approximately at the cost of Rs. 70,000/ with 30 beds. . The following year Calcutta Medical School was completely shifted to this newly constructed hospital. 1903 witnessed the amalgamation of Calcutta Medical school with another non governmental educational institute named College of Physicians and surgeons of Bengal. Now it was named Calcutta Medical School and College of Physicians and surgeons of Bengal. The school had a three year course in Bengali medium where as the college had a four year course in English medium.

Government asked the different private medical institutions in Calcutta to unite to form an efficient teaching Institution and get it affiliated to Calcutta University. The Calcutta Medical School and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Bengal came forward with a proposal to the Government and the secretary of the State agreed to the proposal with certain conditions. On completion of the formalities the formal inauguration of the college was held on 5th July, 1916.Hence, the great journey of THE FIRST NON GOVERNMENTL MEDICAL INSTITUTE IN ASIA started and name was changed to Belgachia Medical College. Lord Carmichael the then Governor of Bengal attended the inaugural function of the college. Only 48 students were admitted in the first batch. In 1919 name of the college was changed to Carmichael Medical College in recognition of his help towards developing this hospital. Dr. Radha Gobinda Kar was the first secretary of this institute and remained so till his death on 19th December 1918. In 1948 the name of the Institution was changed to “R.G.Kar Medical College & Hospital.”

Dr. B.C Roy’s association with R.G. Kar Medical College is for long forty years. Here he became Professor in charge of Medicine and thereafter Emeritus Professor and consulting Physician till last day of his life. He became the first Chief Minister of West Bengal in 1948. In 1961 he received “BHART RATNA” on his 80th birthday from President Rajendra Prasad. He passed away in on his 81st birthday on 1st of July. Government of India in 1991 has declared 1st July, which is both the birth and death anniversary as the National Doctors day in memory of Dr. B.C. Roy, the great patriot, the great physician the great teacher.

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